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Shifting Stories is a book for managers, coaches, and consultants who wish to help people improve their performance. It looks at the stories that people make up (their internal accounts of reality) and how those can sometimes be very unhelpful. It then discusses how to help people discover or access more helpful stories, and how to strengthen those more helpful stories in order to make them come true.


If you have not read the book yet, the section on Themes will give you an overview.


Alternatively, you could watch a brief interview about the book, here: 














If you would like to buy a copy of the book or enquire about training in the ManyStory Approach or associated consultancy, use Buy.

I am particularly interested in discussing the ideas: the book is very much work in progress - so do comment, raise questions, share experiences or put me right as you see fit.


I look forward to discussing the ManyStory Approach with you.

Andrew Scott

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