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  • Andrew Scott

Daring Stories

I have recently attended a Daring Way workshop, based on the work of Brené Brown (about which I have blogged on my general purpose blog, here). But I am also interested in the links between that work and the ManyStory Approach introduced in Shifting Stories.

At the heart of Brown's work is the notion of having the courage to step into the Arena (the Arena may be any area of our life in which we are not currently showing up with courage and integrity - from a difficult conversation, to changing careers...). We often falter and draw back from entering the arena because of comparisons with others (I am not as .... as they are), a scarcity mentality, or (and this is the big one) shame.

The ManyStory Approach provides a powerful structure to overcome these - which are all stories - and to replace them with more helpful stories, as well as to identify our potential supporters and solicit the support we need. So it seems to me that the congruence between the two approaches is very high.

I am keen to explore that with anyone who knows more about the Daring Way or Brené Brown's work: if you are interested in having a conversation about that, please get in touch!

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