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  • Andrew Scott

Making the story visual

On my main blog (here) I have written about my recent experiments with the Visual Explorer images/cards which I bought recently.

In particular I mentioned how an image could serve as a way of capturing a whole set of thoughts and feelings, and later provide a way of quickly referring back to, and re-visiting a whole section of conversation.

It was my insightful wife, Jane, who pointed out that this is very similar to the naming of stories in the ManyStory approach. As I note it in Shifting Stories: 'Naming a story helps us to refer to it briefly, summarising all that has gone before.'

I have yet to try this out (this insight arose on Friday); but I am already excited by the possibility. Not only could one choose a picture to represent the initial unhelpful story; but also to represent the new, more helpful story. And I am sure that there are other parts of the process that could be enriched by this approach. I will experiment, and report back on this blog in due course!

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